MORSA : The CAD CAM Wax Disc specialist since more than a decade

Just in the past few years, options provided by CAD/CAM technology have developed at such a high pace that the necessary materials could only be developed in the second instance. Our search for the appropriate waxes for this technology did not convince us of resin enriched wax blanks. The basic principle is to retain the data gained from the pattern waxed-up for the definitive restoration. Transferal of the data to the definitive restoration provides for structured working and saves a considerable amount of time. The data resulting from the wax-up can be used as a basis for the definitive restoration. The most important aspect is that the milled wax components can be processed further without problems being incurred. This was achieved by developing this wax. 
It is very easily sculpted and warmed – Its high-contrast color benefits dental technology. 

The 98 mm blanks are also available in 14, 16, 18, 20, 25 and 30 mm. Carving or adding is as easy as producing a regular outline wax. Easy to cast, press and to carve. The workflow process remains in the same properties and colors of the material.

The Wax Discs are available in many different sizes for almost all CAD CAM Systems like for example  KaVo®, imes-icore®, Wieland® Zeno Tec®, DATRON®, Rübeling & Klar® / R&K®, Röders®, Reitel®, Schütz Dental®, Roland® Zirkonzahn® 5-TEC und z.B. Amann Girrbach® Ceramill® Motion.