LC MORSA Tray plates – Light-Curing

For the fabrication of individual and functional impression trays. The material is also indicated for producing base plates for wax-ups and for bite templates. 

The sheets are a anatomically shaped and vestibular enlarged for better use on moulds of dentate jaws. The design and the handling characteristics make the sheet suitable for the upper as well as the lower jaw. 
The material can be cured with halogen and UV. Once cured properly the material is dimensional stable. 

  • high molecular acrylate with inorganic filler / easy manipulating before – dimensional stable after curing 
  • only one sheet model for upper and lower / less stock needed 
  • pink / blue opaque colour 
  • curing in 3 – 5 minutes with halogen or UV 
  • light curing / cures on demand 
  • 3 years shelf life 
  • 50 sheets per package