Light-Curing tray plates

For the fabrication of individual and functional impression trays.

The material is also indicated for producing base plates for

wax-ups and for bite templates.

The sheets are a anatomically shaped and vestibular enlarged for better use on

moulds of dentate jaws. The design and the handling characteristics make the

sheet suitable for the upper as well as the lower jaw.

The material can be cured with halogen and UV. Once cured properly the

material is dimensional stable.

· high molecular acrylate with inorganic filler / easy manipulating

before – dimensional stable after curing

· only one sheet model for upper and lower / less stock needed

· pink / blue opaque colour

· curing in 3 – 5 minutes with halogen or UV

· light curing / cures on demand

· 3 years shelf life

· 50 sheets per package


- Custom impression tray

- Bite-block

- Baseplate for setting up dentures

- Key for supporting pin registration

- Bite wafer for try-in framework

- Splinting outer coping or telescoping crowns


The material contains methacrylates.

Do not use in patients with an allergy to methacrylates or other substances contained in the product.

Performance characteristics of the product

Plaque Photo polymerises with light to form a solid and compact polymer.

Specific precautions

Avoid any contact between the eyes and skin and the uncured material, i.e. also with the inhibited layer.

Always use a dust extractor when trimming the tray!


- Mark the outline of the future tray on the model.

- Block out the undercuts on the model.

- To create a spacer for the impression material, block out the entire model (e.g. with a sheet of wax) and cut out stops.

- If the plaster is very dry, soak the model briefly in water or apply dye isolation or an alginate isolation.

- Remove the baseplate from the box and close it.

- Once the model has been blocked out, adapt the baseplate to it and cut to shape using, e.g. a scalpel.

- Use the remaining material to form a handle and attach it to the tray.

- Place the model and tray in a light-curing unit and cure without vacuum.

- Remove the tray from the model and polymerize once again from the underside.

- If the tray has been cured without a vacuum, use alcohol to remove the smear layer.

Technical datas

Thickness of tray                                             2,2 ± 0,2 mm

Flexural strength (UVA)                               ≥ 80 N/mm2 (typical 80-90)

Elasticity modules (UVA)                             ≥ 6000 N/mm2 (typical 7500 – 8500)

Shrinking                                                            2,08 Vol %

Absorption of Photoinitators:                   360 – 480 nm

 “setting time”:  die Aushärtezeit hängt von der Qualität des Polymerisationsgerätes ab, zwischen 2 – 10 Minuten.


Working at daylight 20 minutes

Polymerisation in an ultraviolet or Halogen light-curing unit, depending on the unit in use:

The top of the tray, on the model 3-5 minutes

The underside of the tray, off the model 3-5 minutes

Trimming: Trim the custom tray with tungsten carbide burs and smooth it with sandpaper.

Order no. DH 000 301 NB 814 pink, 50 pieces per package

Order no. DH 000 303 NB 814 blue, 50 pieces per package

Instructions for use