MORSA‘S Leading Range of Perfectly Graded Modelling Waxes
Modelling wax Special

High quality elastic plate wax for the whole resin prosthetics. Composition based on a perfect combination of microwaxes, paraffin, natural waxes and bees‘ waxes. High edge and breaking stability as well as extremely low thermal contraction. It can be modelled and cut very well.

  • the top-selling MORSA sheet wax
  • made from the best raw materials - very high bees´ wax content
  • two different seasonal qualities for summer and winter
  • two different sheet thicknesses 1.25 mm and 1.5 mm
  • pleasant elastic quality during processing
  • low degree of thermal contraction when cooling down
  • no risk of unintentional changes in the set-up
  • precise reproductive accuracy
  • good wax-up characteristics
  • high strength